Essential and cinematographic; the style with which Leo Iannelli describes and reinterprets his work is immediately recognisable in every photograph.
Lifestyle, automotive or outdoor every single image tells a story of the mood, the dynamics and the values of the world that it belongs to.
His images are a frame of the story of what has just happened or a suspicion of what is about to happen.
The Bmw i8 that looms silently over the white roads of Tuscany, a Lamborghini Aventador along the straight road of Estoril, the headlights of an MV Agusta that cut into the dark, illuminating the mist or the master of custom motorbikes Shinya Kimura, unperturbed during a Wheels and Waves, covered for Rolling Stone Magazine: this is the cinematographic cut, the fil rouge that crosses the entire production.
And when there is no action, the image transforms into a set; a stage created to represent the worlds and codes from which a photograph is born.
He never complies fully with the stereotype standards of a specific gender and his authorial approach leads him to work in other unusual environments.
In 2015 Miuccia Prada chose him for the “Fragments” project, the photographic story for the launch of the new Fondazione Prada in Milan, the city in which he was born and currently lives.


Azimut Yacht, BMW, Ducati, Fondazione Prada, Jeep, MV Agusta, Pirelli, Tudor.

Arbiter, Rolling Stone, Manintown, Riders.